March KWA: Monthly Makes & Sew Done update

Join us to catch up on We’re Sew Done.

We’re going to have a look at the We’re Sew Done book, make some badges and get all the pre-orders and crowdfunder rewards ready to send out.

We’ll also be sewing the Discomfort Blanket ready for installation and display when the Conservative Party conference is in town later this month – we’re talking about this at February’s session.

KWA session at the Upside Down

Important bits

  • £3.50 (£2 for kids) – includes food, equipment, tuition & mint tunes 🙂 
  • All food will be vegan, and you can buy hot and cold drinks. The coffee is ace! 
  • TOP TIP: If you need to park a car, then there is plenty of free on-street parking on Edward St, Topping St and Church St (near the Brew Room) from 6pm.
Knittaz With Attitude: 7 March 2022

Knittaz With Attitude: 7 March 2022


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The Discomfort Blanket

Yesterday our Knittaz With Attitude met to discuss and plan projects for later in the year.

Geared up from the amazing response to We’re Sew Done, we talked about how the Conservative Party conference is heading to Blackpool in March 2022 and decided that we should take this opportunity to send a message that highlights how the decisions of the current government have affected Blackpool people.

We decided that we would like to create a quilt to be displayed during the Conservative Party conference at the Winter Gardens on 18-19 March 2022.

We’re asking you to create a textile square that illustrates the ways that we’ve all been affected by the actions and inaction of the current government.

Making Details

The idea is to make a quilt which encapsulates all of our feelings and issues relating to the current government.Squares can contain text, patterns or images. The content is up to you, however we will start a thread (in the Facebook and Whatsapp groups) where you can list your general messages so that we have an idea of what everyone is doing.

  • Total size 200cm x 200cm
  • 3 rows of squares measuring 40cm x 40cm
  • 4 rows of squares measuring 20cm x 20cm
  • There will be 55 squares in total

We will be able to provide fabric and haberdashery. Feel free to use your own if you prefer. 

  • Blu and Catherine will start divvying up materials at Charabanc very soon.
  • We will create a quick form so that you can request your preferred square size(s)

Want to take part?

We’ve had to close the sign-up survey now as we’re getting very close to our deadline. Please keep an eye on our website/socials for future call outs. <3

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