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  • BSC front page 28 Sept
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A message from Blackpool Social Club (formerly altBlackpool)

Over the last couple of years things have been quiet at altBlackpool: Times have changed, volunteers have come and gone, but Blackpool remains an exciting, fascinating, weird and wonderful place for the arts. We felt that we needed a refresh so that we can do right by our creative scene.

After much deliberation and many brews, we’ve decided to rebrand as “Blackpool Social Club”. The idea is to give us a strong new identity which draws upon Blackpool’s working-class heritage, sense of community and ability to have a jolly good time (often in spite of adversity).

As you may know, our team is made up entirely of volunteers who are incredibly committed to bringing you the best of arts and culture in Blackpool and across the Fylde Coast, and we’re looking forward to doing what we love best again.

Our website www.blackpoolsocial.club went live on Weds 1 July.

Look out for more varied original writing, including opinion and think-pieces, as well as photo galleries, videos and audio. In time (when we can go out again!), we’ll explore more of our amazing local arts venues, not to forget our Fylde Coast culinary treasures. You will also be able to see the archive of over 1800 articles and photo galleries from the last 8 years.

If you want to be part of the team as a writer or photographer ,you can message us or email us, we’d love to hear from you.

If you have any press releases or details of cultural happenings that you would like us to cover, please get in touch too.


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