Calling artists and crafters! Can you run a workshop from Aunty HQ?

We’re looking for artists and makers to run art and craft classes from our community craft workshop…  Interested?

We have a community craft workshop in central Blackpool and plan to run a variety of sewing/craft sessions from there.  We want local artists and makers to help us make use of the workshop by facilitating a range of classes.

If this sounds like something that you would be interested in, complete the Expression of Interest form and email it to us by Friday 30th March 2012. We will contact you during the week commencing 9th April 2012.


  1. Photography training? im just a room along so not far to get gear/setup 🙂

  2. as you never got back to me and i have patiently waited a long time!!! any how i have a grant pending and require some art based workshops on themes of mental well being for a bigger media project at the end of the year so i would be very much interested in running some workshops

    teapot therapies
    umbrella community interest company

  3. We did reply, and have sent another email today, just in case!

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