Flying the Flag: A crowdsourced textile art project

Last month Knittaz with Attitude took part in The Fabric of the Flag exhibition at FY Creatives in Blackpool.

For The Fabric of the Flag curator Robin Ross invited a group of artists to consider issues which surround the idea of a flag. Responses looked at the properties of flags in wide ranging terms; influence, symbolism, inspiration and even the basics of the fabric which makes them.

“Flags are changing nations lives, futures and indeed the political map of the world.”

Artists: Aunty Social / Edwin Firminger / Garth Gratrix / Kevin Walsh
Jamie Cook / Robin Ross / Sam Horsley / Shane Gray / Sharen Kaur / Ruby Coupe

Naturally, ours was woolly 😀
A big thank you to all who took part knitting and crocheting squares and stars and sewing pieces together.  An extra big thank you to those of you who found us via Twitter and posted squares to us…you rock!


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